November 6 / News

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but also a time when stress levels soar.

Christmas can cause high levels of stress, pressure and conflict.

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October 16 / News, Uncategorized

Maxwell Hodge hold “Blooming Great Tea Party” raising funds for Marie Curie

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors recently hosted a “Blooming Great Tea Party” raising much needed funds for Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool who celebrate their 60th anniversary this year.

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October 10 / News

Mental Health Awareness Day

Maxwell Hodge has a legal duty of care to all employees, which means that all possible steps need to be taken to protect individual wellbeing and provide necessary, and sometimes crucial, support. Maintaining a healthy workplace is a priority.

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October 8 / News

Co-Parenting, Consent Orders and the Courts

For many separating couples, they will have heard of the term of “co-parenting.” The official definition is “to share the duties of the upbringing of a child”. But in reality, what does that mean for separating couples?

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September 24 / News

Mental Health First Aider Training – Julie Sowery

I recently attended Mental Health First Aider in the Workplace Course along with Claire, Kris and Sarah. It was a two day course which proved to be quite intense and in turn, emotionally and mentally challenging.

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September 24 / Vacancies

VACANCY – IT Assistant

An excellent opportunity has arisen at Maxwell Hodge for a part-time IT Assistant to support the Head of Technical Services & Facilities at our Huyton Office.

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August 22 / News


The purpose of divorce is to allow a couple in an unhappy marriage to go their separate ways and to afford them the opportunity to remarry at a later date.

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July 30 / News

Deal or no deal? That is the question!

Does it make good sense to leave a marriage without a deal?

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July 17 / News

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors raise funds in aid of Wirral Hospice St John’s

During April, Heswall and West Kirby branches of Maxwell Hodge Solicitors participated in “Make a Will Month” whereby Andrea Ashton and Marie Granby prepared Wills for clients, free of charge, in return for a donation to the hospice.

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July 15 / News


During May, Maxwell Hodge Solicitors, participated in “Make a Will” month, whereby Maxwell Hodge drew up client’s simple Wills free of charge in return for a donation to St Joseph’s Hospice.

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