November 1 / News

New guidance for protection of domestic abuse victims

In court proceedings involving children, the primary consideration for the court is the wellbeing of the child.

When parents are themselves victims of domestic abuse, their wellbeing is often overlooked or ignored.

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October 24 / News

Maxwell Hodge raise £1,170.17 for MacMillan Cancer Support!

On the 29th September 2017, Maxwell Hodge hosted coffee mornings across Liverpool and the Wirral to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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October 19 / News

Personal Guarantees and Business

We often get asked by clients about personal guarantees in business. They usually want to know if it will help their business get credit and what it means to be a guarantor. Some businesses cannot get loans or credit without a guarantor. So, what does this mean for your business or you personally?

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October 16 / News

Compensation Explained

Personal Injury claims have had quite a lot of bad press of late. There are suggestions that individuals who have been involved in accidents are claiming compensation when they have not been injured and just make claims as a matter of course. Insurers claim that for people in say a road traffic accident, a claim will be made regardless of whether that person is injured or not. Of course, claims can only be made if injury has been sustained however there is a suggestion that fraudulent claims are being brought in order to obtain a pay out.

There have also been arguments regarding whiplash claims and the difficulties that these pose for insurers to disprove. This has led to arguments from the insurance industry to try and abolish whiplash claims.

These issues are still very much live issues and are well publicised. Due to the increased debate on these issues, individuals may feel put off making genuine claims.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers have launched a new guide to explain how compensation works and to try and dispel the myths that are currently being debated. “We are determined to do all we can to ensure that some harmful and misguided perceptions about personal injury will be turned around…” said APIL chief executive Deborah Evans.

For anyone who has been injured and is put off making a claim, the guide provides useful reassurance and clear information.

A link to the guide is shown below.

If you wish to discuss a potential claim you may have with a member of our Personal Injury Team, please email us at

October 9 / News

Too many new Family applications to the Court

I was very concerned to recently read that official government statistics appear to be indicating that between April and June 2017 there had been 13,029 more private law cases appearing before the family courts when compared to last year.   In many of these cases the parties are said to be unrepresented.

Since the changes brought to legal aid in 2012 the Courts have seen an increase in the number of parties choosing to represent themselves.  This can have its problems.  Firstly, resolving family disputes with an application to court never provides a good basis for parties to be able to work out their differences going forward.  This is particularly true when considering children matters.  If the parties are able to reach decisions between themselves without the assistance of the Court, it will ensure smoother arrangements going forward.

Seeking prompt legal advice at an early stage can be the key to resolving issues quickly with the co-operation of the other party; either by way of solicitor led negotiation, which could result in the preparation of a Parenting Agreement, or through a referral through to mediation in which parties are able to enter into face to face discussions to try to resolve their issues.  It is the child who benefits from this collaborative approach if the parents are willing.

It is important for any party to fully consider all of their options before taking the often unnecessary and stressful action of applying to the Court for an Order.

October 6 / News

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors name Ronald McDonald House as its Charity of the Year

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors, have selected Ronald McDonald House, affectionately known as Mac House, an independent charity based in the grounds of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, as their Charity of the Year, and the organisation aims to raise £3,500.

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October 5 / News

Service Charges Claims set to rise?

Leasehold properties, regardless of length of term, will usually make provision for the Landlord, or Freeholder, to charge a service charge for the services the Landlord is obliged to provide under the terms of the lease.

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October 4 / News

Property Disputes and Joint Owners – What happens when one owner wants to sell?

We are often contacted by clients who own a property with a partner or spouse however that relationship has broken down and they wish to move on. Often they will want to sell the property but the other owner refuses and wants to stay in the property.

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October 3 / News

Court of Appeal dismisses wife’s bid for an equal share of the matrimonial assets

The recent case of Hart v Hart caused some controversy because the Court ruled that an unequal division of the matrimonial assets was fair even though the parties had been married for over 23 years.

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September 26 / News

Local solicitor warns changes to Powers of Attorney may leave older and vulnerable at risk

Local solicitor Andrea Ashton from Maxwell Hodge Solicitors, who have 8 offices across Wirral and Merseyside has joined fellow members of Solicitors for the Elderly in warning against proposals to turn the LPA registration process fully digital.

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