May 24 / News


Maxwell Hodge recently participated in ‘Make a Will’ month in April which was an excellent opportunity for the public to make or update their Will.

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May 17 / News

Have you made provisions for all of your loved ones in your will?

There are approximately 20 million animals kept as pets in the UK. One in every two households in the UK have at least one pet.

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May 16 / News

Potholes – A Liverpool Pandemic

Potholes in the road are a popular discussion topic in Liverpool at the moment as the Council say they don’t have enough funds to repair the current defective roads and pavements. Joe Anderson has recently stated that funds of around £400 million are needed to fix the current road crisis in Liverpool. It is believed there are around 34,000 jobs awaiting action by the Council.

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May 15 / News

Litigation – it doesn’t have to mean Court

Most clients these days have heard about alternative dispute resolution and will be familiar with what this means however, when in the heat of a legal dispute, these alternatives to the expense of Court proceedings can often be forgotten. It is worth noting that some disputes cannot be resolved without the Court’s help however for those disputes where both parties are able to come together to try and resolve the dispute, with both giving each other something (whether that is just listening or time) this can often be a very fulfilling way of them taking back control of the situation and working together to resolve it.

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May 12 / News

How long is the Guarantor of a Tenancy liable for?

You have agreed to act as Guarantor and signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a family member or friend. The lease Agreement was for a fixed period which has now expired. The landlord is now looking to you for payment of the rent but the lease has expired. Why then are you liable to pay when the lease was only for 6 months?

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April 21 / News

Changes to Probate Tax

In their 2015 election manifesto the Conservative party pledged to take the family home out of tax by increasing the effective inheritance tax threshold for married couples and civil partners to £1million.

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April 18 / News

Is it too late to claim?

Dealing with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, more commonly known as the CICA can be a stressful and emotional time. This can be why people don’t claim. But when is it too late to claim?

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April 5 / News

Budget Changes and Residential Property

From a purely property perspective, the 2017 Budget was hardly ground breaking and criticism would not be unfair when applied to the Budget as a whole. Changes that could affect the residential housing market were in truth few and far between.

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April 3 / News

Netball Team Scores with Legal Sponsor

Leading Law Firm Maxwell Hodge Solicitors are proud to announce that they are the official sponsors of Phoenix Netball, who are based in South Liverpool and regularly train at Liverpool Hope University.

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March 28 / News

The Two Faces of Family Justice

It is interesting to compare and contrast two recent reported decisions.

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