July 3 / News

A Step in the Right Direction…

A landmark case at The Supreme Court has unanimously allowed an appeal to establish that a heterosexual couple have the right to enter into a civil partnership.

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July 2 / News

Parents under Pressure – a programme helping adults with drug and alcohol issues

Unfortunately many children cases in Court involve parents with drug and alcohol problems, which have a major impact on their ability to parent a child.

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June 28 / News

Don’t let Domestic Violence “Kick Off” during the next round of the World Cup

With England making it through to the next round of the World Cup, tensions will be running high amongst the team as they prepare for the next round.   Don’t let the World Cup impact on you and your family, statistics show that there is an increase in domestic violence during football tournaments.

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June 28 / News


When parents separate they each retain their parental rights. A departing parent who is no longer caring for the children may believe that they have lost their Parental Responsibility. However, this is just a myth.   Parental Responsibility only can end on the making of a court Order and not on the ending of a relationship or subsequent divorce.

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June 27 / News

Understanding Pensions and Pension Sharing

Trying to deal with the division of matrimonial assets on separation can be extremely complex and stressful. After the marital home, pensions are usually the next most important consideration.

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June 26 / Uncategorized


One major issue affecting a number of armed forces personnel is that of child contact following the breakdown of a relationship.   Very often following separation the former spouse can make it difficult for a parent to continue a relationship with a child.

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June 25 / News

Divorce and the Armed Forces

An issue that often affects armed forces personnel is relationship breakdown and divorce.

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June 19 / News

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors provide schools and nurseries with training on family issues

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors have just announced that they are offering free guidance sessions to schools and nurseries on family issues such as Parental Responsibility, Live with and Spend time with Orders.

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June 14 / News

The Future of Injury Claims

The Future of Personal Injury claims is set to drastically change in the next 12 months with changes to RTA legislation anticipated by April 2019 with further changes to come. The detail is still largely unknown to most practitioners and concerns are that the public will no longer have the access to justice they need.

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June 12 / News

Injury Claims against Untraced Drivers

In 2003 the Untraced Driver’s Agreement came into force with the Motor Insurers Bureau controlling a central pot to compensate injured victims involved in accidents with untraced drivers. This agreement was designed to allow victims to make a claim for injuries resulting out of “hit and run” accidents. The agreement imposed certain conditions which the applicant would have to meet.

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