June 19 / News

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors provide schools and nurseries with training on family issues

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors have just announced that they are offering free guidance sessions to schools and nurseries on family issues such as Parental Responsibility, Live with and Spend time with Orders.

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June 14 / News

The Future of Injury Claims

The Future of Personal Injury claims is set to drastically change in the next 12 months with changes to RTA legislation anticipated by April 2019 with further changes to come. The detail is still largely unknown to most practitioners and concerns are that the public will no longer have the access to justice they need.

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June 12 / News

Injury Claims against Untraced Drivers

In 2003 the Untraced Driver’s Agreement came into force with the Motor Insurers Bureau controlling a central pot to compensate injured victims involved in accidents with untraced drivers. This agreement was designed to allow victims to make a claim for injuries resulting out of “hit and run” accidents. The agreement imposed certain conditions which the applicant would have to meet.

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May 18 / News

Property Disputes Can Be Costly

One of the most valuable assets to us is our home. If you own a property, you need to ensure that it is taken care of and that there are no issues which could result in the property being worth less than market value. A number of unexpected issues can mean that your property is potentially worth less than it should be, one of which is a dispute.

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May 8 / News

CAFCASS Study reveals reasons for why cases return to Court

A recent study published by CAFCASS has highlighted reasons why children cases return to Court, sometimes again and again.

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May 1 / News

The Split – Divorce Fiction

As a family lawyer, I was told by many of my friends about a series starting on BBC1 on 25th April 2018 called “the Split.” The series centres around the issue of Divorce and with a cast of Anthony Head, Nicola Walker, Stephen Tomkinson and Meera Syal, I had high hopes for this new legal drama, but I am concerned about the inaccurate way that the family law system is portrayed.

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April 11 / News

Parental arguments and the impact on children

In research recently published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, it has been revealed that parental conflict can place children at severe risk of mental health problems and future psychiatric disorders.

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March 15 / News

Could the wrong car seat prevent contact from taking place?

In February 2017, new laws were brought in to force requiring children weighing less than 22kg or with a height of less than 125cm must have a proper car seat, not a backless or a booster type of seat. The new law has created a great deal of confusion with many parents still unsure what is and isn’t allowed.

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March 12 / News

Can Cohabitation work after a Divorce?

I was surprised to recently read that Katie Price, who is currently going through her third divorce, has stated that she is happy for her soon to be ex-husband to remain in the family home and be around their children and to work on her farm.

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February 28 / News

Maxwell Hodge Further Strengthens Family Team

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors have expanded their Family team with the appointment of Solicitor Margaret Agnew

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