Across the NHS on a daily basis, hundreds of thousands of people undoubtedly receive excellent care and treatment from dedicated doctors and nurses.

However, the Care Quality Commission, a body set up to monitor NHS services, has faced recent and severe criticism from some doctors, staff and patients who argue that the CQC has failed to detect repeated failings in the services provided by the NHS despite, in one instance, spending over £270,000 on the inspection.

Reportedly, even when faults were pointed out to the CQC, they were not investigated and the whistle-blowers ran the risk of being fired, gagged and blacklisted’.

The CQC was established in 2009 with a mandate to ensure that hospitals, care homes, dental practices, GP surgeries and other care services in England provide safe, effective and high-quality care and that when things do go wrong patient and their families are given prompt and honest information about errors under the Duty of Candour”.

This is not the first time the CQC has been under scrutiny. It began its work with a rocky start in 2009 when an inspection report was leaked which described abysmal standards of care in a South East England NHS Hospital, despite the CQC rating the quality of care as ‘good’.

Similarly, in 2012, there were allegations of internal reports being deleted in order to avoid uncovering the CQC’s weaknesses particularly in its investigatory powers.

Ultimately the CQC is a regulator bound by its professional remit and no doubt it is deeply frustrating for some of those within the CQC when they find themselves under-resourced and/or the scope of its investigation limited.

In the NHS today there remain areas where there continues to be a culture of denial and a refusal to learn from mistakes.

At Maxwell Hodge Solicitors we regularly assist people and their families who have been let down by the NHS.

Often people feel that they have not been listened to when they have complained or raised concerns; either at the time or after things have gone wrong.  This can lead to a successful legal claim being made, in others instances, we provide support and assistance through the NHS Complaint Process

We approach every case on its own merits with sensitive and tailored advice to our clients. We have decades of experience in the highly specialist area of Medical Negligence with lawyers who are dedicated to this area of law.

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