With the start of 2020 comes a day which many solicitors call “Divorce Day.” On the 2nd January, many family solicitors see an increase in new enquiries.

Does this mean that Christmas and New Year is a time when more people decide to break up? In reality no. It is simply the first opportunity for a client to get legal advice as most firms close between Christmas and New Year.

However, Christmas can also be a very emotional time with families spending more time together than they would do normally. Inevitably, this can lead to an increase in the number of arguments within families and therefore a greater need for advice. This is not just limited to seeking advice on Divorce but can also include advice on cohabitation, children issues or even the need for court restraining orders.

It is important to say that not every enquiry leads to the breakup of a relationship. Very often, clients just want to know where they stand and what their options are.

It is our job as lawyers to provide legal advice but also wherever possible to provide clients with the emotional support they need to get through the process.