Sir Andrew McFarlane, the President of the Family Division, recently delivered a speech in which he stressed the need for mediation in resolving family disputes. He said…

“What mediation offers is a structured and safe environment in which those in dispute can discuss and hopefully resolve their problems. It is professional help with problem solving”.

Here at Maxwell Hodge the family team fully support mediation as an essential tool for resolving family issues. We have a good working relationship with accredited family mediators. We can provide legal support and advice. We can formalise agreements reached in mediation into court orders.

A court order is necessary to dissolve a marriage. A couple whose marriage breaks down do not become unmarried simply by living apart. There has to be a formal divorce to dissolve the marriage. We can help with that.

A financial court order made at the same time is necessary to bring about financial independence. A couple who reach a financial settlement following the breakdown of their marriage should always have the settlement written into a court order and approved by the judge of the court so as to make it 100% binding. We can help with that too.

The family team at Maxwell Hodge Solicitors have many years’ experience in resolving family issues. Why not call and arrange a fixed fee consultation?

Please call either Lotus Kimona or Sophie Curd on 0151 526 7131 (Maghull) who will make the necessary arrangements for you.