It was recently Anti-Bullying Week, which took place 15th-19th November.

The theme for this year was One Kind Word, which emphasises the significance that our words have and whether how we treat others has a negative or positive impact.

Bullying can happen to anyone at any time, whether you are a child at school, a parent or an employee in the workplace. Looking specifically at bullying in work, this may be in the form of intimidating, insulting or offensive behaviour or an abuse or misuse of power that can undermine, humiliate or cause physical or emotional harm to another person (ACAS).

At Maxwell Hodge, we are fortunate to have positive work environments where this type of behaviour is not tolerated, which is supported through our Whistleblowing Policy, effective leadership and through individuals who genuinely care; starting from the top of our organisation, i.e. our company Directors through to all employees that make up our workforce. We also have a Mental Health First Aid Team on hand to support employees.

The leaders of our organisation work hard to promote the importance of team work and working effectively together, which is important for not only providing an excellent level of client service but to also ensure that staff feel supported and have the necessary guidance in their role. We understand that at times, disagreements between colleagues will occur, which may, for example be in relation to the way forward on a client matter. However, this can be addressed through regular Team discussions, whether that be at a Team meeting or via an email exchange or telephone call and will often result in positive action. Providing the right setting for employee voices to be heard is important but this will differ from person to person. Some people prefer to raise issues at a face-to-face meeting whereas others will prefer email or telephone call. Providing these different environments is achieved through software we have introduced via a new phone system allowing us to have group calls as well as video calls, which is also crucial to staying connected with colleagues in our different offices and ensuring our workplace remains bullying free.

The theme of One Kind Word emphasises the power that our words have, whether that be a word said out loud or wrote down in an email or on social media. Think about the damage that a throw away comment has had on you and how this made you feel and compare this to how you felt when somebody said something kind – whether that be a compliment or some advice, kind words can inspire and motive. This is because words and actions can have a lasting impact, which is why it is crucial to always treat people how you would like to be treated and importantly, celebrate the fact that everyone is different, which makes the world a wonderful and interesting place!

We have put together some kind words/messages from our staff that we hope have a positive impact on anyone reading this.

  • You are perfect as you are
  • Let your uniqueness shine through
  • Don’t doubt yourself – you’ll get there
  • When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world – Harold Kushner
  • I stood at the border. Stood at the edge and claimed it as central and let the rest of the world move over to where I was – Toni Morrison