The issue of movement during lockdown is a hot topic at the moment. It is of particular interest to those people who were contemplating separation when the lockdown was announced or have decided to separate during or because of the lockdown.

It was recently reported in the news that Phillip Schofield had moved out of the property he shared with his wife of 27 years, and went to live in a flat in London. This begs the question for many of the family law clients we see who ask “Can I move during lockdown?”

In short, the answer is yes, although the government are discouraging people against moving unless it is necessary to do so.   The official guidance is that home buyers and renters should, where possible, delay moving into a new house while measures are in place to fight the Coronavirus.   This means that moves can take place but only where it is necessary to do so.

For difficult relationships, remaining in the same property is likely to cause couples anxiety and distress.   Further guidance has been given in relation to situations where there may be a risk of harm. The government has indicated that people can leave their homes, if remaining there would put them at risk of harm. Therefore, in such cases people can still move.   The key question to ask is this “Is the move necessary or can it wait?” If it is the latter, then the government are clear you should stay where you are for now.

If you are going through a relationship breakdown, it is important to get advice at the earliest opportunity. For many, due to being unable to leave the home, accessing that support can prove difficult. Here at Maxwell Hodge, we are continuing to provide the full range of all of our services, including family law, via telephone. Meetings can be set up quickly at your convenience.