We have recently concluded a claim for one of our clients following an accident at work. He had been working as a plasterer and was on site using a hop up. As he was working the floorboards underneath gave way and the hop up went in to the floorboard, he lost his balance and fell to the floor injuring his shoulder. The floorboards were rotten when inspected after the fall. The claim was difficult as he was self-employed and identifying the right Defendant was tricky as two contractors were involved, each responsible for different elements of site safety. Liability was disputed and we had to issue Court proceedings. It was clear to us that one of the Defendants was responsible for the injury, which should not have happened. Eventually, one of the Defendants agreed to deal with the claim and the matter was settled to our client’s satisfaction. Our client secured damages for his injuries and for his loss of earnings, as he was unable to work for several months after having surgery on his shoulder.

If you have been involved in an accident at work, whether as an employee or as someone who is self-employed, give our Personal Injury Team a call to see how we can help.