We have successfully concluded a medical negligence claim for one of our clients.

The Claimant required to have a medical procedure following a failed pregnancy. As a result of this procedure she lost a lot of blood. She was advised she had to have iron therapy, a procedure called Ferinject. She was not given any other options as to what else was available and was not warned as to the correct side effects of this therapy. She was advised to have the therapy to avoid a blood transfusion.

The therapy is administered through a cannula in the arm. When the cannula was inserted the Claimant felt pain, swelling and heat straight away. She advised the treating medics of this and the therapy was stopped for the cannula to be re-sited. The cannula was inserted in to the other arm, however the same symptoms started again. Despite the Claimant reporting these, the therapy was not stopped. The Claimant developed staining to both arms, pain and discomfort.

The Claimant ultimately ended up requiring a blood transfusion in any event.

The Claimant later discovered that the therapy was not the only option, she could have had a number of different treatments. She was not advised that staining of the arms was a side effect.

She has sought medical treatment for the staining but has been advised that the staining is permanent. She developed psychological symptoms as well as physical symptoms.

The Defendant Trust admitted the Claimant had not been correctly advised and a settlement was reached prior to the issue of Court proceedings.