We have successfully concluded a medical negligence claim for one of our clients.  This client has agreed that we can use her file as a case study for marketing purposes.

The facts were as follows:-

The claim proceeded against a care home, where the Claimant’s mother was a resident. She suffered from dementia and had a care plan in place stating that she required two carers when being moved. However, one night, she was taken to bed by an individual carer. This resulted in the Claimant’s mother falling yet no medical assistance was sought that night. It was the next day when an ambulance was called after staff recognised that she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t stand up. It was noted that her leg was shorter when lying down. She underwent an x-ray at hospital which revealed a fractured hip, and she required a partial hip replacement. The Claimant’s mother underwent surgery two days after the fall.

It was therefore alleged that there was a failure by the carers to adhere to the correct care plan, which ultimately led to the fall and the Claimant’s mother suffering a fractured hip. Sadly, she subsequently passed away, meaning the claim was brought by her daughter on behalf of the deceased’s estate.

Following receipt of expert evidence in respect of nursing, geriatric medicine, and orthopaedics, we entered into settlement negotiations with the Defendant’s solicitors, securing compensation for the deceased’s estate.