We have successfully concluded a claim for one of our clients following a tripping accident.

The facts were as follows:-

The Claimant was walking along the pavement when she suddenly lost her footing due to an area of pavement being uneven. This caused her to lose her footing and fall to the floor. She injured her face, elbow and knee in the accident. The Claimant had pre-existing problems and therefore the injuries attributable to the accident were not significant, however still ongoing for several months.

The case was quite complicated as there were 3 Defendants involved. It was difficult to establish which Defendant was responsible for the area of land where the accident occurred as the area was undergoing regeneration at the time. The local authority had essentially given over responsibility for the land to a contractor whilst the works were completed. The area of land could also have been part of a building owned by an independent third party.

The Defendants could not agree who was responsible and as such, proceedings had to be issued against all 3. The matter was listed for a trial. The Claimant was fully prepared to go to trial, however a reasonable offer was made just before the trial and she decided to accept this offer.