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November 23 / Family

Let’s give a shout for mediation…!

Sir Andrew McFarlane, the President of the Family Division, recently delivered a speech in which he stressed the need for mediation in resolving family disputes

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July 19 / Family

Financial Settlements – How to prevent your ex coming back for more

Getting a divorce under English law is now relatively straightforward after the law was modernised and the requirement to show grounds for the breakup of the marriage removed

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June 27 / Family

Meet the Team – Lotus Kimona

We are delighted to welcome Lotus Kimona to our Family Team. Lotus has joined us as a Paralegal and is based in our Maghull office

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April 24 / Family

The Law Commission review of matrimonial finance divison

The Law Commission of England and Wales has launched a review of the laws which determine how finances are divided among couples after divorce or the dissolution of their Civil Partnership.

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February 23 / Family

Initial Advice Appointments

Here at Maxwell Hodge Solicitors we offer an initial 1 hour advice appointment with an experienced family lawyer at a fee of £198.00 (inc VAT) either face to face or via telephone

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February 21 / Family

Pensions and Divorce

When a divorcing couple come to sort out their finances the question of what to do with pensions is often overlooked, avoided or simply swept under the carpet because it is too complicated

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February 2 / Family

Matrimonial Finances Disposing Assets following separation – A Stark Warning

The overriding rule in matrimonial finances is for the husband and the wife to give full and frank disclosure of their assets.

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January 11 / Family


What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial or premarital agreement (commonly known as a pre-nup) is a formal, written agreement between two partners prior to their marriage or civil partnership.

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January 11 / Family

Unmarried Partner Loses Property By Email

Couples who share property and choose not to marry do not have the same legal rights when they split up as couples who do marry.

Partner A and Partner B lived together in a house which they owned jointly. They split up in 2013. Partner A sent an email to Partner B stating that she could keep the house and all its contents.

Then in 2017 Partner A changed his mind and demanded that the house be sold so that he could take his share of the equity.

The court held that Partner A did not have a claim and that his email was a satisfactory memorandum for the purposes of Section 53 of the Law of Property Act 1925. The court ordered the house to be transferred entirely to Partner B.

This is a salutary warning for unmarried couples who share property.

It pays to seek legal advice before you say anything in an email which you will later come to regret.

January 6 / Family

Important Information before your Appointment

When a relationship breaks down, it can be an extremely stressful and uncertain time.

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