Personal Injury claims have had quite a lot of bad press of late. There are suggestions that individuals who have been involved in accidents are claiming compensation when they have not been injured and just make claims as a matter of course. Insurers claim that for people in say a road traffic accident, a claim will be made regardless of whether that person is injured or not. Of course, claims can only be made if injury has been sustained however there is a suggestion that fraudulent claims are being brought in order to obtain a pay out.

There have also been arguments regarding whiplash claims and the difficulties that these pose for insurers to disprove. This has led to arguments from the insurance industry to try and abolish whiplash claims.

These issues are still very much live issues and are well publicised. Due to the increased debate on these issues, individuals may feel put off making genuine claims.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers have launched a new guide to explain how compensation works and to try and dispel the myths that are currently being debated. “We are determined to do all we can to ensure that some harmful and misguided perceptions about personal injury will be turned around…” said APIL chief executive Deborah Evans.

For anyone who has been injured and is put off making a claim, the guide provides useful reassurance and clear information.

A link to the guide is shown below.

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