Domestic abuse is a growing concern within the UK.   So what help outside of the police force is available for victims of domestic abuse?

In addition to the many organisations providing direct support to the victims of abuse across Merseyside, the family courts can also provide assistance. Solicitors can assist a victim by sending a warning letter advising an individual to desist from all abusive behavior, or face the consequence of a Non Molestation Order.

A Non Molestation Order will protect the victim against an abuser as it places very strict limitations on what that person can or cannot do.  The Order also has a Power of Arrest attached, meaning any breach can result in the individual being taken immediately into custody and presented to the Courts.  This type of work is urgent, and many individuals are unaware it can be dealt with the same day.

By raising awareness of the options available to someone who may be subjected to domestic abuse, this increases an individual’s confidence to report incidents, which in turn could result in more convictions. However, there will always be cases where the police recommend a Solicitor’s involvement.

If you require advice and assistance in relation to domestic abuse, please contact us. We want to ensure that victims receive the protection they so desperately need.