As we come to the end of a very challenging, and difficult year, we wanted to focus on something positive, which is why we have donated to the Woodland Trust.

This donation to the Woodland Trust will help to plant trees in support of society’s fight against climate change. Making a positive contribution to the communities we are located in, and to wider society, is something that Maxwell Hodge is committed to. This is achieved through making changes to our own working practices to reduce waste and “go greener”, as well as supporting our local communities through various projects.

However, we have not just donated to the Woodland Trust to support climate change, but because tree planting also signifies the loss of a loved one, which many have suffered in 2020. We therefore wanted to pay tribute to those we have lost, and remember them. Tree planting also signifies new beginnings, as we look forward to a more positive 2021.

We would therefore like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a positive and bright New Year.