Here at Maxwell Hodge Solicitors we offer an initial 1 hour advice appointment with an experienced family lawyer at a fee of £198.00 (inc VAT) either face to face or via telephone.

Are you entitled to free advice or legal aid?

Unfortunately, at Maxwell Hodge Solicitors we do not provide any free advice or have the provision to offer legal aid but you will be provided with excellent legal advice within our initial 1 hour appointment from professionals with years of experience.

Why do I need a consultation appointment?

A consultation appointment allows you to obtain initial advice from a legal professional. It is an opportunity for you to discuss your matter in confidence and gain clarity on any queries that you may have.

How will the appointment take place?

The appointment can either take place at an in person appointment at one of our offices with the family lawyer or alternatively via telephone or Zoom/MS Teams etc. How the appointment is carried out does not affect the information you will receive.

The benefits of having a consultation appointment?

Through the consultation, you will gain advice on ‘where you stand’ and advice on what the next steps and likely costs are should you wish to proceed. You are not bound to continue with the matter or instruct us further after this appointment should you not wish to.

What if I wanted to proceed after the initial appointment?

If after receiving your initial advice, you would like to proceed with the matter, we will send out all of our Client Care paperwork to you for you to sign and return, along with a breakdown of likely costs for your case.

If you would like to book in for an initial advice appointment then please contact the Family Team on 0151 526 7131 to speak to a member of the team to arrange or visit our website on