We regularly act for Landlord and Tenants in connection with property disputes and providing advice. This article is aimed at providing information to Tenants who may be having difficulties with their property and any disrepair which may be present.

Tenants who have rented since March 2019 and who are finding their properties inhabitable, may find the below link useful to establish if there is a claim against the landlord.


This legislation has been brought in to try and ensure that tenants have some redress against their landlord should their property be in disrepair (for specific reasons), and that a procedure is in place to deal with the same. Compensation can be sought as well as an order for repairs.

There are specific areas of disrepair which are covered by this Act, however it is not applicable to all areas. If the property is generally in disrepair but not covered by this Act, there may still be a disrepair claim that can be brought by a Tenant.

If you are having difficulties with disrepair, speak to one of our advisors today to see how we can assist. In some cases, we may be able to deal with this under a “No Win No Fee” agreement.