Christmas can cause high levels of stress, pressure and conflict.

At Maxwell Hodge, we are recommending that all staff and clients have a happy and healthy Christmas by:

• Limiting Spending by setting a budget, making one financial decision at a time, avoiding temptation, recognising how you deal with stress-related money problems and by keeping in mind what is important, as relationships with family and friends are more important than material objects.
• Managing Expectations by being realistic and helping children to be realistic as well as taking some time out to relax over the holidays.
• Avoiding Overindulging by allowing yourself holiday treats but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and going for walks over the festive period.
• Going for a walk to reduce the brains response to stress and anxiety. Encouraging family and friends to exercise with you will reduce stress levels even further!
• Having some fun by putting down the to do lists and organising fun activities to boost laughter and reduce stress.

Here’s hoping we can all enjoy a stress-free Christmas.