You may already be aware of Japanese Knotweed, but did you know that this weed can cause serious damage to land and property? It is fast-spreading and it can be a lengthy and costly process to eradicate it.

Japanese Knotweed is commonly found on riverbanks, railway embankments and waste grounds but as it spreads very easily it can be found almost anywhere.

As part of the conveyancing protocol, sellers are asked whether Japanese Knotweed is present on their land and it is prudent to answer this question with caution.

Follow the link below for information on a Court of Appeal case in connection with Japanese Knotweed:
Network Rail v Williams – Judgment

A local authority can issue a Remediation Notice if Japanese Knotweed is identified at a property requesting the owner to deal with it at their own cost.

If you have Japanese Knotweed on your land, you must stop it from spreading. There are various methods of removing this weed but do not attempt this yourself if you are not a specialist.

Further information can be obtained from your Local Council or the Environmental Agency websites.