Dealing with nuisance tenants can sometimes be more of a worry than a problem.

We understand that moving on and removing tenants is our client’s legal right – providing they have the correct documents of course. We often see Landlords trying to resolve an issue themselves but not fully understanding the procedure. Sometimes this results in failed attempts to secure a possession order.

We can assist in getting your property back quickly, first time.

What can Maxwell Hodge do to help?

Our specialist team deal with Section 21 and Section 8 Court Proceedings. The team will send out the required Notices and should the tenant still not vacate, then our team will issue Court Proceedings and attend Court to secure a possession Order, all for a fixed fee.

Is it expensive?

At Maxwell Hodge Solicitors, our goal is to work quickly and costs effectively, therefore we offer fixed fees for both the Section 21 Pack and the Section 8 Pack. We will also claim any recoverable costs and rent arrears where the procedure allows. Some proceedings only allow for the possession Order however we will work with our client once the property is back in their possession to claim back any damage or rent arrears thereafter. We also the rent on a fixed fee basis and obtain Judgment unless the claims becomes defended.

Can I recover outstanding rent?

In short, the answer depends on what procedure you want to go down? For example, if it is a Section 21 then this does not include rent arrears. As stated this can be pursued later on once the full extent of the loss is known. With Section 8, rent arrears can be included as part of the claim.

Call a member of our Team to discuss any Landlord and Tenant issue you may have and see how we can help you.