The attached article published by Legal Futures highlights the risks involved in leaving online reviews against any business. It seems commonplace these days for many people to turn to online reviews to vent their frustration when a service has not met their expectations. However, the attached article highlights the risks in doing this.

If you have been unhappy with a service, it is always better to use the business’s complaints procedure to try to resolve your complaint. If your complaint is genuine, the business will be keen to try to resolve it and ensure that the issue is rectified. If you have had a service from a professional, they will often have a regulating body who you can escalate your complaint to in the event the business has not resolved it to your satisfaction.

Leaving negative reviews on line can have serious implications for a business, but also for you. Which is why you should never leave a review when you are angry or have just dealt with the business and are dissatisfied. You may post something you do not actually mean. It would be advisable to take some time to think through what it is you were unhappy about and consider whether an online review is the best way of resolving your complaint.

The article from Legal Futures can be read here in full