Did you know that if you are involved in a legal dispute or claim and you get stuck along the way, you don’t always need a Solicitor to take over dealing with the whole case for you.

You can still deal with your case but you can instruct a Solicitor to carry out one-off, discrete tasks on your behalf to progress the claim. Most people will get to a point where they are unsure of what to do next or where to turn. A solicitor will be able to discuss the case with you, review the papers and advise you on what is needed. Often the next step is not as complicated as you may have first thought. Once you know what you are doing you can continue with it with confidence that you are making the right decisions. Solicitors can also assist with one off tasks such as preparing the Court papers to start your claim or dealing with other steps along the way such as preparing witness statements.

The better prepared you are for the final hearing, the more chance you will have of the Judge understanding your side of the story. Sometimes it can help to have a specialist cast an experienced eye over the papers to identify any possible omissions.

This approach can help massively to keep your legal costs to a minimum, especially if you are dealing with a small claim where you may not be able to recover legal fees from your opponent in the event you are successful with your case.

Most Solicitors are aware that running a case from start to finish may not be affordable for some of their clients, therefore this approach may provide an alternative to a Solicitor carrying out all the necessary work or leaving you to deal with the entire process alone. Of course this may not be applicable for all cases.

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