Despite our best of intentions, and no matter what systems we have in place, difficulties can occur, giving rise to conflict, both within the internal workings of our business and with third parties.

Often it is possible to resolve these difficulties amicably and sometimes to turn the experience into a positive one. There are occasions, however, when efforts just do not achieve the outcome that we would like. It can be difficult to know what to do next and the right time to do it.

Mediation is a recommended step. In fact, should the dispute find it’s way to the Court, a Judge would actively encourage it.

Dependant upon the value of the dispute, and the nature of it, depends upon how, and when, you go about arranging mediation. Of course, disputes can arise out of a relatively small invoice that has not been paid. They can also arise out of partnership or company conflicts, large debt actions, or allegations of negligence.

Whatever the issue, it is clearly important to you and your business to try and get it right. Mediation, required because of a straight forward, and relatively small, debt can be arranged direct with a mediator. Choose the person you want, agree it with your opponent and you are away.

Less straight forward disputes are likely to require more preparation. Often it is wise to seek help from an experienced lawyer. The more complicated the dispute the more important it is that the information is clear and well presented. Issues of law may often arise.

Whatever the subject matter of your dispute, it is important to make the most of trying to resolve it.

Claire Banks

Maxwell Hodge have a Dispute and Litigation Team and are able to offer independent mediation services.

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