I am a medical negligence paralegal and I have been working at Maxwell Hodge since 2017. I enjoy my job and I enjoy speaking with our clients and assisting them throughout the litigation process. My role involves all aspects of the new enquiry process. This includes taking initial enquiries, reviewing medical records, preparing letters of complaint and reviewing complaint responses. To assist in the progress of enquiries, I will seek the assistance of medical experts of different disciplines to provide an opinion on the facts of the case.  As matters progress, I prepare a variety of documentation, including No Win No Fee paperwork. I enjoy the diversity of my role and the contact that I have with our clients.

I am a Registered Nurse (RN) with many years’ experience in both primary and secondary care. I have also worked in the NHS and Private Sector. My specialist area is diabetes management and I have post registration qualifications in respiratory medicine and diabetes. I believe that my qualification as a Registered Nurse enables me to offer my informed opinion on patient management and the standard of care provided to each individual.

I draw on my experience as a nurse when reviewing documentation and preparing letters to medical experts and drafting letters of claim. It is also useful to draw on my experience when approaching experts and drafting statements. I understand that defendants owe both a duty of care and a duty of candour to our clients. I feel that I am able to utilise the knowledge and experience gained during my nursing career to assess whether the care given to our clients is of an acceptable standard and meets any guidelines or protocols in place at the time that the care was provided.

I understand the need for accurate and detailed documentation, and I am familiar with the holistic approach when providing care. During my career as a Registered Nurse (RN) I was responsible for managing a team of nurses and ensuring that the highest standards were maintained at all times. In my view, the cornerstone of providing care that is respectful, patient centred and rooted in best practice is communication and education.

It is my view that excellent verbal and non-verbal communication is essential throughout the nursing process. Ongoing education is not only a requirement for nurses to remain on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Register but I feel that it is essential to ensure that guidelines for best practice are followed at all times during the care process.

During my day to day work I endeavour to provide my informed opinion on the care offered to our clients and whether this care is of an acceptable standard. Each enquiry is unique and very personal to our clients. I understand how difficult it can be to bring a medical negligence claim. My goal is to assist, guide and support each individual throughout the litigation process and I feel that my nursing qualification is an asset in helping to achieve this goal.