We are delighted to welcome Yasmin Perry to our Medical Negligence Team. Yasmin is a Paralegal at Maxwell Hodge and specialises in Medical Negligence cases. She attended the University of Law and in June 2022 she completed the LPC and MSc in Law, Business and Management.

During the time she was pursuing her studies, she engaged in the Write for Rights campaign as a member of Amnesty International, which helps combat global human rights abuses and challenging oppressive legislation.

She has also dedicated her time to working at a local young offenders centre, providing assistance to individuals facing difficult circumstances.

Yasmin is truly passionate about helping to achieve justice, hence her interest in the field of medical negligence.

In addition to her professional interests, Yasmin enjoys getting creative such as creating pottery and painting. She also enjoys getting a coffee and going for longs walks with her dog.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with our Medical Negligence Team, please call – 0151 526 9321 – and a member of our Team will make the necessary arrangements.

To find out how our Medical Negligence Team can assist you, visit: https://www.maxwellhodge.co.uk/medical-negligence/