Loneliness, low self-esteem and difficulty managing mental health in a relationship can all heighten due to Valentine’s day and whether or not we are in a loving relationship, we can all feel left out on days like Valentine’s day.

Going through difficult times together can make our relationships or friendships stronger, but this can also be the source of arguments and stress and can leave us feeling like we are the opposite of the ‘perfect’ image we see so often, particularly showcased on social media and television.

Seeing other people’s happiness through the lens of social media can also heighten loneliness but it is important that we stop comparing ourselves to others and think about why we might be feeling lonely and instead concentrate on building up social connections.

Self-esteem is impacted by how much we value ourselves – when struggling with low self-esteem, you may feel like you dislike yourself, feel worthless or that nobody likes you, making days like Valentine’s day difficult.

Remember there are a lot of portrayals of unrealistic and idealised relationships – don’t measure yourself up to these as you may start to feel that your relationships are not good enough, and instead focus on being kind this Valentine’s day – as the true meaning of Valentine’s day is to not only celebrate romantic love but to also celebrate friendships and admiration. Therefore, try encouraging your children to write kindness notes to their siblings, or you may want to spend time with a family member or friend, or you could support the homeless by donating warm clothes…the list of random acts of kindness is endless!