Unfortunately many children cases in Court involve parents with drug and alcohol problems, which have a major impact on their ability to parent a child.

To counteract these problems in a report recently published by the University of Warwick, the benefits of a programme made to help parents who have drugs and alcohol problems has been set out. Parents Under Pressure aims to help reduce the risk of harm to children. Parents who have undertaken the programme have indicated that they feel more energetic and confident in their life and have a greater sense of self awareness. Some parents felt they found it easier to ask for help if they needed it, rather than struggling on. The NSPCC who run the programme reported the risk of harm to children reducing by 1/3 for those parents who attended.

The programme itself runs over a 20 week period with support workers attending the parents’ home each week and sharing skills to assist with dealing with challenging behaviours, how to best praise and reward good behaviour and how to deal with emotions. Referrals can be made via the NSPCC’s website https://www.nspcc.org.uk/services-and-resources/childrens-services/referrals-and-resources/parents-under-pressure—referrals/

I am pleased that help is being offered to parents rather than them being written off.   It fits in with the Court’s ultimate goal which is to ensure that a child has a relationship with its parent provided there are no risk factors.

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