One of the most valuable assets to us is our home. If you own a property, you need to ensure that it is taken care of and that there are no issues which could result in the property being worth less than market value. A number of unexpected issues can mean that your property is potentially worth less than it should be, one of which is a dispute.

If you are in a dispute with a neighbour or contractor regarding your property, this must be declared if you are selling your home. A question that is asked on property information forms is whether there is a dispute with the property. If there is a dispute and this is not declared, the buyer could seek redress against you for misrepresentation. Equally, if you buy a property and discover a dispute later which should have been declared you may have redress against the seller.

 When a situation arises which could result in a dispute, you should think carefully about how to handle the matter and what effect your actions could have. Often we have been consulted after the situation has escalated and if words have been exchanged in a dispute, it is difficult to come back from that.

 Sometimes a more practical appropriate is appropriate with the end result of avoiding the dispute in the long run. It is difficult however to do this when you feel that another party has acted improperly.

 Often just seeking some practical advice from a solicitor at the very start of a matter can be invaluable moving forwards and may well save costs for both parties if the matter can be resolved amicable.

 If you are experiencing a dispute with regard to your property, why not give our disputes team a call to see how we can help you resolve the matter.