We have been keeping you informed about the changes to RTA claims, which came into force on 31st May 2021. Essentially, if you had a Road Traffic Accident after 31st May 2021, and suffered a whiplash type injury (pain to neck, back or shoulders) your claim may now be dealt with under the small claims regime. This means you have to either bring the claim yourself or you will have to pay a solicitor to bring the claim for you. Previously, the party at fault would pay your legal fees via their insurance policy.

This is a radical reform and a new way of dealing with matters for people who are genuinely injured. The process can be complicated, stressful and you may have to go to court on your own to have a Judge determine who was at fault for the claim or how much you should receive.

We wonder if this may put people off making claims as they simply won’t be able to navigate the new claims process and if they get a solicitor to do it for them, they may be out of pocket.

We have been asked to assist clients with these cases and are able to advise on your options.

Please contact our Personal Injury Team to discuss how we can assist you.