Feeling stressed out?

You are not alone! Stress is everywhere. Work. Relationships. Money, Parenting.

There are ways to deal with all of this.

Stress means something different to everybody but essentially, it is wanting things to be different to how they are now. Meditations and mindfulness can help to cope with stress. The techniques will not eliminate stress but may help to see a different perspective.

Regular meditation or mindfulness can really help to have a positive impact on stress.

Did you know that regular deep breathing actually sends a message to our brains that we are ok?

There are many apps that can be used for guided meditations, many of which are free, such as YouTube, Calm and Let’s Meditate. Some paid for apps such as Headspace can be a great investment as there are daily activities that can be used, sleep casts and wind downs as well as courses to help you stay on track.