Whether your close relationship is a married one or not, break-up and separation is a painful process. P.A.U.S.E. for thought …..

Here are some top tips provided by experienced family lawyers at Maxwell Hodge:-

  1. Please always be prepared to talk and discuss. Using lawyers to thrash out your hurt feelings is an expensive process.
  2. An agreement reached between you following discussions and dialogue is more likely to work in the long run than any order imposed by a Judge, so be prepared to compromise.
  3. Under no circumstances tolerate abuse or threats of violence.
  4. See that your relationship with your children does not break down. Remember you will always be parents. In the eyes of the law, children have a right to be parented by both parents.
  5. Emotions can run high, but please do not sign anything without getting legal advice first.

If you follow these tips you will save time, money and heartache. Legal advice from experienced family lawyers will assist you further through the process.