Volunteers’ Week takes place 1-7 June, celebrating the positive contribution volunteers make to society.

At Maxwell Hodge, we have Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) meaning our people can go and volunteer with a charity/organisation during work time. We are using Volunteers’ Week to encourage our people to utilise ESV because of the many benefits it has:


  1. For employees, volunteering can build connections and relationships, improve communication and confidence, as well as team working skills and creativity and increased fulfilment.


  1. We (the employer) benefit from stronger ties to our local communities, which deepens our commitment to making a difference in society. (You can check out our community engagement and CSR values here: https://www.maxwellhodge.co.uk/news/)


  1. The community benefit from enthusiastic volunteers who can use specialist skills and knowledge to make a difference.

Celebrating volunteers is important because of the commitment they make to good causes – think about those that take part in beach/park cleans. These people give up their own time to help the local community and protect the environment. It is therefore vital that we celebrate volunteers because simply, where would we be without them?

For more information on volunteering opportunities, check out your local organisations or have a look online:  https://volunteersweek.org/get-involved/for-volunteers/becoming-a-volunteer/