We are committed to providing meaningful work experience opportunities for people to gain invaluable life and employability skills.

The type of work you would carry out with us during your placement depends on your experience and capabilities. For example, high school students on work experience are going to undertake administration tasks, including scanning incoming post and other documents such as ID and medical records onto the system, filing and printing documentation as well as sorting outgoing post. Whereas, university students may experience a more hands on approach, undertaking research and preparing draft letters and documents for Fee Earner approval. Other activities may include listening in to conference calls and hearings. 

Tasks set during work experience placements are on an individual basis, so you can be assured that you will only be asked to undertake tasks within your capabilities. The tasks will be as varied as possible, allowing you to gain different insights into our business and the legal sector by working with different colleagues across our Teams. We can guarantee that you will be able to develop and enhance different skills during your work experience, including customer service, administration and organisational skills, as well as communication skills, confidence and self-belief. Overall, work experience is beneficial for you to help you better understand the career you would like to pursue, and we would encourage you to apply for a work experience placement at Maxwell Hodge by completing the form at the end of this section.   

What have previous work experience students said?

“This [experience] has helped me to see the practical side of law, as my degree is purely academic. I can now see how the information I am taught translates into practice. I have also learnt practical skills that I require, such as drafting statements”. (Zahra, June 2023).

“I helped staff by scanning through and printing out documents. I also sat in on a conference call and attended a networking meeting where I met a lot of other business owners, solicitors etc. who gave me helpful advice for the future. I would highly recommend work experience at Maxwell Hodge as I have really enjoyed my time here and learnt some essential skills”. (July 2023).

“The staff at Maxwell Hodge were extremely helpful and caring. Kristina and Karen made my experience extremely enjoyable, and I was able to gain an invaluable insight, such an amazing opportunity. Kristina is the most down to earth solicitor I have come across. She is very lovely, and she so kindly allowed me to attend a client interview. She made me feel very comfortable and spent time daily answering my questions”. (Lydia, November 2023).

“I have printed documents and edited letters to clients/expert witnesses and to an insurance company. These have all made me feel as if I were in practice as a lawyer in a firm. Sarah was very instructive and helped me get into the groove of using the system. Day-to-day, I spoke to legal assistants while they took calls and did their work, and Natasha let me shadow her while she dealt with probates and wills. I enjoyed learning the relevant evidence and process behind building a claim in medical negligence. This work experience has showed me what working at a firm should entail, how cooperation, friendliness and manners are important. This experience has helped me apply the knowledge I have learnt in my law degree and shown me the elements of practice unavailable to me as a student”. (Thomas, November 2023).

“This is the first work experience I have completed where I have completed proper tasks e.g. drafting letters etc. This will hugely benefit my future legal career regardless as to what sector I pursue, and I am so grateful for this opportunity! I have learnt so much and my confidence has really grown! The Team are lovely and I felt trusted with the tasks I was assigned, received constant feedback and always had work to complete. This work experience has been possibly the most invaluable work experience I have completed”. (Georgina, December 2023).

“Showed me what day to day office work is like, gave me an introduction to areas of the law I was yet to look in to and opened up possible career path ideas for me in the future. I would recommend this work experience as it gives a good insight into general day to day office life and provides a good idea of different areas of the law you may want to venture into”. (Mia, April 2024)